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Coming Soon

"Are you ready to become your own Hero?"


Why Us?


Soon to be located inside Trinity Sports & Leisure Club & Bar, Hero's Gym will be a unique gym that will have a resistant training ethos.

We want to empower our members to finally take control of their own Health, Fitness & Wellbeing by helping them build long term sustainable habits.

We will provide a space and knowledge base that you can not get from big commercial gyms.

No one can do it for you.....its time to strap on that cape (figuratively speaking) and become your own Hero

There is a fundamental difference between exercise and training

We have 3 step approach to Training that will ensure progress

What are you waiting for?

Register your interest now using the buttons above or form below to stay up to date with Gym Opening Timeline

All those who have registered will be contacted before memberships go live and be given a chance to sign up as a founding member of Hero's Gym

No bank details needed to resister for more info and all founding members will be given exclusive membership rates

Hero's Gym

Trinity Sports & Leisure Club & Bar

Address: Hole in The Wall Rd, Dublin 13

Phone: 087 657 3910


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