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Personal Training with FL.Fitness

Hi Guys

My name is Luke Masterson

I am the owner and one of the Personal Trainers at Hero's Gym.

For years I struggled with my own physical and mental health until I finally decided to take ownership and responsibility for my actions.

This lead me on a path that I have been on for the past 10+ years and was one of the reasons behind opening Hero's Gym.

I specialise in body composition changes! I believe everyone has the ability to lose body fat and gain muscle mass!


I also believe that building the routines and habits required to achieve your body composition goals will change your life completely!


Being more active, designating time for yourself, getting your eating and nutrition under control, starting resistance training, and focusing more on sleep and downtime will have huge impacts and crossovers to every other aspect of your day to day life!


Your health is really your one true wealth in this world so it’s time to look after it!

No one can do it for you, once you stop getting in your own way and start making small positive changes to your daily habits anyone can achieve their health and fitness goals.

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Why work with me? because I've been there, done that, earned the t-shirt

My Services

You can work with me via In-Person Personal Training, as an Online Client or as a Hybrid of the two depending on your specific needs. With all 3 options you are provided with:

Custom Built Exercise Programs

All programs are designed with your goals in mind and will be based on your likes, dislikes. availability, fitness level etc

Full Nutritional Guidence

All the basics of getting your eating under control will be laid out and explained.


Custom calories and macros will be provided suited to your goals and a 7 day sample meal plan will be supplied so you have a place to start formulating ideas

Weekly Check-in

Weekly check-ins will be provided via the video support service Vimeo with a detail breakdown of the info provided on your check-in forms and adjustments made as needed to keep you on track


You are required to do the work but you are not on your own

One of the biggest benefits to hiring a trainer is to have someone who holds you accountable for your actions

Who will encourage good habits and point out potential mistakes being made along the way

Mobile App

All workouts, check-in forms, exercise demo videos and instructions, nutritional info, weight tracker, progress tracker, message support, etc


All handled in one app that is free to download on any smart phone and/or tablet device

Gym Access

For those interested in 1-2-1 face to face personal training or the hybrid service full access the Hero's Gym and all the gym classes will be provided that can be used at anytime while you are part of the service

What some of my clients say

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"After years of jumping from slimming club to slimming club I joined a gym and decided that I needed a personal personal trainer. Luke educated me on food and explained that there’s no bad foods, no on or off diets, just choices, but educated choices.  Bearing in mind I’d never been a member of a gym before I found it daunting but Luke believes the gym is for everyone and he wants to empower his clients by giving them knowledge, which he has in abundance…. His passion is infectious!!! His aim is that his clients won’t always need him! He teaches you, and gives you the confidence to love the gym"


Get in Touch

Fill in your information and I will be intouch with more details about the services offered.

Thanks for submitting!

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