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My story

Hi there! My name is Ben.


I'm a fully qualified Personal Trainer. I'm also fully qualified in group instruction and fitness instruction.


I undertook a weight loss/fitness journey of my own, losing over 10 stone; since then, I have developed a passion for fitness and coaching people.


It is my mission to help people achieve their fitness goals through a healthy, structured routine by building good habits; all the while keeping things challenging, but enjoyable.


I firmly believe that health is wealth -even in today's busy world, it's never the wrong time to invest in yourself. 


If you are looking to lose weight; build muscle; improve mobility; raise your fitness level or improve your general health and well-being, please get in touch via email or Instagram.

If you are looking to get started on your own fitness journey get in touch today


My story


I'm Sophie, a certified Personal Trainer and Group Coach with a simple goal: to make your life healthier and happier through fitness and wellness. 

My journey in this field started with a strong desire to help people be their best selves. I'm committed to staying up-to-date with the latest fitness trends to help YOU reach your goals. My aim is to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need for success.

I focus on understanding your unique needs and create personalized fitness plans that match your goals and lifestyle.

My Mission:
To inspire and empower YOU!

I'm not just a fitness coach; I'm your biggest supporter, your wellness guide, and your partner on your fitness journey. My goal is to motivate you, give you the skills to take charge of your health, and transform your life.

I'm here to support you with my expertise and passion. 

Feel free to contact me through email or on Instagram. Let's chat about how we can work together to achieve your fitness goals and make every day a success!


Contact Details:


Social Media Page: 

Instagram: soph_thecoach

Phone: +353834329643

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